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Thread: Places to Shoot Rising Sun or Moon above water body

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    At least you have a chance to see.
    I was disappointed that I could not see it in Gold Coast. 3 consecutive mornings. From Dark to Dawn.

    Since you mentioned SOuth China Sea, do you think can see in Terengganu?

    I did not include Desaru, because went there 3 different times also could not see.

    Thank You
    I don't know, though I did quite a bit of fishing and during those times, I had observed that it is much more difficult to see a nice egg yolk on water, viewing from the land. Most of those promising time, everything looks perfect until the very last moment, either low clouds or low density haze over the horizon that erases the clean line. An anti-climax, you can say. Especially this period, the haze have hit North of Mersing and all the way north. Been to Pekan not too long ago, gloomy and hazy.

    Perhaps you may want to get a 30days cruise in the Pacific, highly likely that you will get at least one.
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    What I really missed most, is my first SLR. An Olympus OM2 with the Zuiko 35mm f/1.4, back in 1982!

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