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Thread: UV Filter?

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    Default Just to ask...

    I think this issue has been discussed many many times before... and probably sparked off a flame war or something...

    I used to think that B+W filters are the only ones to get, because they are german glass (and hearvier too, due to the brass ring that they use).

    But later, I bought some Hoya HMC filters too, and I couldn't see any differences between my pictures... so I decided to go with Hoya instead. Cheaper as well...

    But now comes the $1,000,000 question...
    What are the differences between a Hoya SHMC and HMC filter?

    I just got 67mm and 52mm Hoya SHMC UV filters from CP.. and I had to order them.

    I initally wanted to get the HMC variants, as they were in stock, and I wouldn't have to make separate trips down... But the price differences were totally minimal ($30 vs $35 for HMC and SHMC for 67mm).
    Being a newbie @ all those filters and what-not, I decided to pay extra for the SHMC variants... since they were not that more expensive.

    So, are the SHMC variants worth getting, or is there no apparent differences between a HMC and a SHMC version?
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    I guess it depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. Placed side by side, I can definitely tell the difference between a Hoya HMC and Super HMC filter by the amount of light they reflect, but to be honest I doubt that it'll make that much of a real difference in your photos, especially if you've already got a good lens hood on to reduce flare. So it's pretty much a toss-up. Btw I find that Super HMC filters are somewhat harder to clean than the normal HMC ones.

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    i got a plain vanilla uv filter n there seems to be a spot in the centre n wouldnt go off.....

    it seems to affect some nite shots with a "spot" when i zoom in full.....does that mean its a goner oredi?

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