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Thread: Sony A7s, the smallest FF camera to date

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    Default Re: Sony A7s, the smallest FF camera to date

    Final words

    Some final words about my experience with the camera. Overall, the experience has been as confusing as it has been interesting. It's the first time I've used a full frame mirrorless camera which is also compact. The reason for it being confusing is the UI and the layout of the buttons, which to me, could be improved on.

    The UI has too many sub menus without labels, just numbers and words, which could probably be categorized with words to help with navigation. The button layout just needed some getting used to on my part. I love the electronic viewfinder a lot, it's big, bright and sharp, what more can I ask for?

    I love the colours the camera produces right out of camera and the overall technical specifications of the camera. The high ISO capability is nice, but I wouldn't want to venture too high and ISO which will improve as time passed, but today, the camera has exceeded my needs.

    I love the wireless connection to my phone that allows to to see the images live on my camera, sort of a wireless live view, as well as controlling the settings and trigger the camera with my phone, meaning I don't need to buy a cable release and I need not carry it too. It's nice to have NFC to make the process of connecting to my phone extremely fast.

    One aspect of the A7s that I have a love-hate relationship with is the sensor on the EVF. It's placement allows me to shoot low to the ground and get higher, without the sensor detecting my finger, causing the camera to switch to EVF, which is a problem I faced with the Panasonic GX7 and it drove me nuts! The thing with the EVF is the sensitivity of the sensor. My shooting style is to shoot from around chest level with the tilt screen, and bring it close to my body to stabilize it, but it always detects my shirt when the EVF sensor is about 30cm away from my shirt, which means my hands are still away from my body, making it unstable. It would be nice to have the sensitivity adjustable.

    Some aspects that I find could be improved are the way the AF points are chosen, getting into tether with phone and the HDR settings.

    Firstly, the way AF points are chosen. As far as I can figure it out, it requires me to press a button, and turn the dial to get single, group and all AF points active, which is fine, the problem comes when I've already selected single AF point. I first need to press a button to get into the AF point setting, and then press another button to get to AF point selection, only then can I choose the AF point I want, unlike DSLRs where I only need to press the buttons on the D pad to get the AF point I want.

    The next thing, getting into tether with phone, I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to connect with a phone without NFC, I could have missed something, or it may not be as clear as I would have wanted, or it may be just because I don't have the user manual, but connecting with NFC was a piece of cake.

    Next is the HDR settings, when shooting for review, I generally shoot the highest quality JPEG with RAW, but usually, my own work flow is to shoot just RAW. What I noticed is that the HDR function will not be activated as long as the photo I produced has RAW in it, be it pure RAW or RAW + Jpeg. I first have to switch to Jpeg only setting before I can shoot in HDR, which gives me a RAW and a jpeg, it could be better if I can just shoot in any file format and be given a RAW and jpeg, rather than having to switch it to jpeg.

    Overall, my experience with the Sony A7s has generally be a positive one, with room for improvements. A compact full frame camera with high image quality both in photo and video mode that's also light makes it a great camera to have.
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    Default Re: Sony A7s, the smallest FF camera to date

    Thanks for this great review. Well done. I'm quite exciting which way Sony is going with her cameras in the future
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