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    Seen too much aperture of lens. I wondered, what is the aperture of our human eye at the widest. Is it F1.0? I know it varies from people to people. What is the average? And usually it can vary from what aperture to what aperture. Intrested to know. I read in canon muesum website that its F0.95 lens is 4x fater than the human eye. If we take F0.95 around to F1.0, so i presume our eye is approx F2.0?
    And also the "ISO" of our eye. How sensitive is it? Is it by eating carrots will "increase" the ISO?

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    This should answer your question, and more. Makes a good read.
    The aperture of the eye, barring factors like age and genetic makeup, have a max aperture of about f/3.2-3.5.
    Sensitivity is around ISO 800 in the dark.
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    hahahaa.. i wonder if we will be able to push our ISO to 3200. and see in low grain and minimum light conditions ?



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