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    Hi, I'm interested in picking up studio photography, and I'm looking into attending classes on that. However the classes are mostly for enrollment for August/September onwards. Would like some advice from the community here:

    1. Before these classes actually start, how best can I learn about studio photography? (Recommendations for good websites, books, etc.)
    2. Do different brands of equipment matter in my learning? (In terms of how to use the equipment, etc.)
    3. Any recommendations on which photography class is good for studio photography.

    Thank you very much!

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    1. You can pick up some books our National Library, there are many titles out there, just go to National Library site to search for subject on "studio photography", you can locate many books, reserve and direct it to your most convenience branch.

    once you have a books with you, you can have a guideline of the topics, and you can search for video tutorial on Youtube for specify topics you want to know more about it. Once you found as very interesting, you can subscribe to a Youtube Channel if you think they have many interesting video to watch.

    2, depends on your interest areas, and your budget, you can spend from $200 to $10k or even more, not everyone requirement is the same, so you have to justify it to yourself.
    usually a China Made basic kit set is around $500 to $700, if you lost interest on it, or no time to play with it, sell it off at half price after a year, you lose about $200- $350.
    but if you spend on a $2k European Made kit set, it might not easy to dispose it if you only want to lose $300.00.
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    Default Re: New to Studio Photography

    On top of the advises, you can also look it up at youtube

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    Back when I first started, the strobist blog was a quintessential source of info for me.
    I haven't revisited the site in a long time but the lighting principles are still the same so don't be put off by some of the older content.
    It's strictly not just studio photography but more off-camera lighting photography. But the principles, again are the same. Just that usually in a studio the environment is more controlled and you usually have access to more powerful lights and light modifiers.

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    lastly if your organizational skills are good

    you can arrange a studio outing with your friends
    it's at most $80-120 for 2 hours of shooting
    If everybody $30 or $40...there will still be enough time to drink milo also.

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    Thanks, all!


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