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    It takes me almost 40 shoots to get this picture.
    Background was burn off little bit using PS.
    I use my black shirt as actual background.
    Lighting using torch and flash.
    For your comment. Thanks

    I dont know how to insert the picture into the post, so please follow link below:
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    agus has done a really fine job in "freezing" the leaking water droplet in mid-air. composition is simple and effective, with the large aperture/small DOF and high shutter speed/feezing motion working well in the pic. it would also be interesting to see a version of the scene with the water droplet splashing on a surface below, which may give the pic a more dynamic feel.
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    you can try using a different position for the light to make the water drop stand out more.

    you can also try burning to front and back of the pipe. I think that it is too bright.

    other than that it is a nice shot

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    Thank you Zaren and Ortega.

    I have to admit this ideas of water drop is inspired by another fellow clubsnap with his excellent work in capturing the water drop. His work is really good. So to avoid similarity with his work, I try to capture the water drop instead of water splash below. But I agree with Zaren, I think it will be very interesting.

    Will try in another version to burn of the front and back of the pipe and invest money in waterproof torch so I can move wherever I want without worry getting wet.

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    I agree with Ortega on the pipe being too bright... composition wise, the pipe on the left can crop tighter i feel...

    Maybe you can try with a mirror or a puddle of water on a black plastic material... but it may be too complicated.. as it is it's good enough for me...

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    Thank you Nemesis for your comment.
    Well noted for the brightness. Will keep that in mind.

    Use of the mirror huh?
    Hmm thats something very interesting.
    Never think of that before. I will apply that for my other experiment.
    Thank you.


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