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Thread: where can I buy Ken Seet's Prints?

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    Default where can I buy Ken Seet's Prints?

    2 questions:
    1)I wish to buy one of ken seet's prints...maybe other prints as well but so far I came across one that I like, has not seen his other works yet. Anyone knows where can I buy his prints? If you know of a place where I can buy good photographic prints in singapore I appreciate your recommendations. I am also interested in books of photographic works done by singaporean photographers.
    2)Where do professional photographers send their digital files for printing in singapore? Do they do it personally or there are some reputable labs that they normally go to ( with a wide range of output paper types to choose from) Thanks!

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    1) Look for Ken Seet himself, many of us in this forum knows him.

    2) You'll be surprised, quite a lot of pros send their stuffs to the same places that take in walk-in customers.

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    Ken's work is very good... esp his B&W prints... but not sure if he sells it... i doubt so

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    why not shoot yourself? easily achievable.

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    saw kent seet's b/w works at epsite at wheelock place. exh titled b/w digital darkroom featured prints using epson ultrachrome K3 ink.


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