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Thread: Taman Negara rainforest

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    Default Taman Negara rainforest

    I cant make this trip but it looks very interesting.....if u follow a couple of the links provided, there's a 5d/4n or a 4d/3n packages ex-Singapore as by train from Tg Pagar

    U guys from CS can consider hooking up with the guys from PhotoMalaysia


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    I last visited Taman negara many years back. It is a fantastic place to take nice
    picture alone the boat ride up the Tahan River, the water is of very dark color that was due to the "mineral" in the water.

    You have to be a nature lover to enjoy the taman negera, it is after all a jungle up there.

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    ahahah ,, with all the camera .. Back will sure;y break ..

    I just got back from ophir . No joke to bring SLR up there. But .. Pic are nice ..


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