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Thread: The return of Photo of the week??

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    Default The return of Photo of the week??

    It has been quite a while since POTW contest has been removed from the forum. Do you think it is possible to resurrect this? I believe the failure of last POTW was due members too shy to nominate his/her photos or too lazy to nominate others. Maybe this time round, we can get the founding member/moderators to pick out a photo from each category in the forum to be the feature photo for that week. And maybe at the end of month, we can choose the best photo from the photo of the month throught a poll. This would be better for those who specialize in certain type of photography. Of course, we may see couple of members dominating certain categories for weeks due their expertise. But there will always be the challenge to topple them.

    Just a thought.
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    I like POTW. I support your idea.
    Canon Lover :)


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