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Thread: mp3 players for mac os x

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    Default mp3 players for mac os x


    I've been looking into getting an mp3 player lately. Although I'm on a powerbook and in love with apple, I hate ipods (sound quality's bad (big issue for me) and every mother's son has one).

    The sony nw-hd5 and iaudio x5 have been my top picks lately, but I've just realised the hd5 doesnt work with os x apparently and the x5 supports os x, but only for "data transfer" (according to the specifications section on their site). What the hell does that mean? because on iaudio's site under the feature's section it says-
    "Use Mac or Linux? No problem!! iAUDIO X5 is available to be used on Mac or Linux OS."

    I'm quite stuck. I really dont want to end up with an ipod but well.... yeah.

    Anyone can help me out?

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    I am sure you have audition the iPods.

    Everyone has their own preferences. iPods to me are one of the easiest to use and control. Not buying because of the design only but to me i have tried and audition other mP3 players. I found scrolling was easy and straight forward for the iPods. Some other players I find it that there are too many buttons.

    I guess the next best you can try is Creative or Samsung mp3.

    Another plus for iPods is that there are plenty of gadgets you can use with the iPods.

    Good luck on your purchase!

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    thanks for the reply

    I have tons of experiences with ipods and other mp3 players, and really, i'd prefer the others bit. this compatibility thing is annoying as hell though

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    I think the iPod is all about looks and average sound. No so great afterall. Gotta buy a very good pair of earphones to compensate.

    Try the Jap or Korean manufacturers. But i dunno about compatibility thou. Oly got some cool looking models but i dunno their sound. Heard that iriver is good.

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    hey david if i were you i would probably go for a iRiver. more specific terms wd be the h10.

    dont know why. but i have a leaning towards iriver products probably due to their more longstanding brand and not like e gunshot to fame ipod.

    besides, sound quality and looks both score high and price is pretty reasonable too. check iRiver out!!

    /OT on:

    seeing you on monday yea? cool!

    /OT off

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    hey guys. thanks for the comments, but my issue isnt with what to choose... it's with what is actually compatiable with OS X

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    I use iTunes to play the Mp3s on my PB.

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    ipod sounds quality like sh*t. i used these brands b4. iaudio, iriver, creative, epraizer and ipod. rate them like this according to sound quality. iaudio/iriver, creative, epraizer then last one ipod. iaudio and iriver rockzzz man!!! for the os x part, sorry can't help cos not using apple.


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