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    Took this photo in front of Esplanade about 2 years ago during the Art Festival.
    Photo was taken with my 300D with the kit lens, handheld.
    Understand the sharpness and contrast are rather out.
    This photo is one of the least planned...almost instantaneous snapshot.
    But also feel somehow one of the least common that I have taken.
    Appreciate any comments from all. Thanks.

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    i like the way it captures the movement, the celebration, feels like im there!

    its spontaneous and unplanned, hence its more priceless and meaningful, imho.

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    i think you have managed to capture the atmosphere of the celebration, the flying streamers lend a dynamic feel to the pic and the slight motion blur due to a slower shutter speed is well executed. however, the dominant subject, the lady on the right, seems rather too passive in relation to the more energetic displays by people at the bottom of the picture. i feel that the pic will have greater impact if she was captured in a stronger act of celebration, with more eye contact, and being a little farther from the right hand edge of the photo.
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    Apart from the sharpness issue

    I like it! you have captured that moment really well, nice composition too.

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    Thanks to Ziedrich, Zaren & Ortega for the comments.

    Agree with Zaren that the lady in red should be more "energetic" to complement those at the background. I personally prefer more hand movement from the lady. That way, at least
    she can blend into the picture with her hands blur motion yet maintaining a rather more focus/sharp for the rest of her body.

    Thanks again for the comment.


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