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Thread: DVD Photo Slideshow

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    Try ProShow Gold from Photodex Corporation. Price : US$69.95.

    It has good reviews and friendly interface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nizz
    espn....i used the Sony external double-layer dvd writer, but of course, i installed patchburn to have it working. Now happy as a poodle...

    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    Yes, I know about that easter egg thingie, but you'll need either an additional external HDD and/or PC with DVD writer.
    err i have only a combodrive. but would like to burn DVD slideshows.
    so what are my options?

    Nizz mentioned external dvd (what is double layer?) and what is patchburn?

    and espn, what need additional ext HDD and/or PC with DVD writer? u mean if i'm on a mac with combodrive, i can burn DVD using PC with DVD writer? how? thanks

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