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Thread: When to use raw mode?

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    Default When to use raw mode?

    As above for prosumer digicam like c2100uz. What are the advantanges and disadvantages(slow writing and large file?).

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    2100uz doesn't have raw mode right? Did you mean TIFF format instead? They are fundamentally quite different.

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    Ops.. But basically they take a long time to write to memory rite? So when shld i use them?

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    the only advantage I can think of is that there will be almost no compression artifacts at all. So if you're thinking of lossless images, which you may do massive processing on, or which you wish to blow up 8R or bigger, then TIFF is worth those bytes. If not, usually JPEG fine will do. In fact, the difference between TIFF and JPEG fine is very subtle only.


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