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Thread: Working overseas to escape Stifling Singapore

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    Default Good example of being on greener grass

    Quote Originally Posted by kijer
    i m indonesian but i prefer singapore. cleaner and safer.
    I could say that you are a good example of the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side".

    If you indeed come from Indonesia, I can understand why you prefer S'pore than your own home country. I agree that S'pore is probably cleaner and safer than Indonesia. In your point of view, you have made the move to green pastures.

    In the same way, there exists some S'poreans who see greener pastures beyond the shores of Siloso beach. I suspect that many are unsure about how green it is, and hence dare not uproot to move. Some daringly pack up and go.

    Did you know that of all overseas students in Australia, Indonesia ranks top in numbers? There are so many Indonesians studying, working and living in Australia.

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    not just overseas. if u look in our local papers, u will see ads by language schools wanting 'native speakers'. i'm a native speaker in the real sense of the word, but as a local, that's not 'native' enough. wrong face, wrong accent.

    Quote Originally Posted by superbeng
    I've been exploring options of teaching english overseas, namely to be in taipei/korea/china, but seems like my main disadvantages are -
    1) not white
    2) not american/british/canadian i.e. "Native Speaker"/English-speaking countries
    3) no TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) certification

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