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Thread: Model Avail 30-31 July

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    Default Model Avail 30-31 July


    Pics found here :

    Not my shots too.

    I have not met the model.

    Good for those who would like to practise 1-model or maybe 2-model with her.

    Rates are to be set reasonably low ...

    All money go direct to her and final neg with her


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    I mean of course "not my shots" ... I have not met her ...hmm can't correct my english in the prev post

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    kinda sexy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by edrizal
    kinda sexy!
    I think the first pic she look kind of fierce.
    Anyway, never done model shooting before.
    Interested if cost is reasonable.

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    Hi findthedge,

    I m interested if the cost is reasonable. What is her rate? What is the theme? What type of outfits is she wearing and also where is the location?


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    I'm in correspond with her since last week, wanted to use her but now I have to go to KL during those days so have to cancel. Think she's still available during those days. Rates about SGD300 (normal rates SGD500) or 3 hours, glamour and lingerie. Anyone interested, let me know and I'll ask her to write to you directly.
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