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    D600 NEF files could not be read in old CS4. I installed DNG converter (Camera_Raw_4_3_1 version). Failed to convert. Can anyone help? Tks.

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    Are you saying your camera raw is version 4.3.1? Adobe Photoshop, Camera RAW and DNG converter are 3 different programs, though they work in conjunction.

    I think you could download the latest Adobe DNG converter (now is version 8.5), run it to convert the NEF file to DNG (under 'Change Preferences...' choose 'Camera RAW 4.1 and later'. Camera RAW should be able to read it, and then pass on the file to Photoshop for further editing

    Alternatively you could use the ViewNX program that comes with the camera to convert them to TIFF

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    tks. downloaded a later dng converter and it's working now. tks again.


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