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Thread: iMac G5

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    IIRC, PC indexes it's files whenever you access a directory or something, that's why it's working 'senselessly'. Maybe I'm running PB, so it seems slower than PC?

    AFAIK, Mac does defragmentation in the background automatically, forgot where I read this from tho'

    1GB for Nikon Capture + PS confirm not enough...
    actually, if u want to compare intel (PC) and motorola (mac) speed side by side, intel will win hands down. But it's the OS (windows) that is not up to standard that causes all the woes about buying mac or PC.. i always like to say "want to come out and sell things, why don't make it better?" To me, using windows is always like using a beta software - expect it to hang and crash.

    i feel that, for people who can wait, they should go for the intel based mac.

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    Will it be possible in the near future to have one Intel system dual boot Windows and Mac?

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    KT: You'll find this interesting -

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