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Thread: Epson R210 and 3rd Party Ink

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayschampion
    Many people uses In*st*tion and found out that the colour production in the photo printout are not nice.
    wah... the post so long liao...

    I'm a heavy user with R210 until the gears for the printer gave up(nothing to do with the ink). I used In*st*tion and the colour is good... depends how u set the ink while print...

    when using it, i have to -10 on green to get my prints the correct colour... depends on your monitors....

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    Quote Originally Posted by shutterbug
    alwayschampion is absolutely right, esp when comparing photo colour accuracy. I stress again the comparison applies to photo colours such as skin tone, greenery, sky etc.

    dEthANGeL, my guess is since you are printing project work, it doesn't matter to you if you colour your bar chart red and the printer prints out magenta. The only problem is if you print your gf's picture and her face comes out orange, red or yellow. Then that will matter a lot.

    snowspeeder, have you tried sending your photo to the lab (say fuji paper) and compared to those you printed from your printer using epson premium glossy paper?

    Epson's original ink is still the best and colour reproduction the most accurate. ahem, however, there is a 3rd party ink that comes very close to Epson's... (quite acceptable to me).
    Erh pardon me but i don't simply print "bar charts"...

    I need colour accuracy also for printed brochures on different types of papers.

    I use freehand and photoshop extensively... and i do print out for colour separations and matchings... I do print photos on it and find there's no problems. If you find that there's a hue of red / blue / orange, then its definitely a printer ICM profiling problem and not the ink's fault.

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