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Thread: Race Queen & The Speed Demon

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    Default Race Queen & The Speed Demon

    Photoshoot for Amanda this Sunday 24-7-2005 Time 9 till 12+
    Location- Participants will be informed - town area.

    Shoot Details:
    Professional Makeup for both outfits.

    2 outfits:
    1st Outfit, Race Queen Magic - She will be donning a specially imported Japanese 'With' Collection Race Queen Costume Set. Tissues provided.

    Motorcross bike will be availiable as props. Urban style locality ups your creativity.

    2nd Outfit, Race Queen n The Speed Demon- Bikini n Boots. Something special never before seen.
    Amanda will be riding with the wind!!! Bring your fastest lens and try to catch the Queen!!! PM or email me for more details!

    Photo from first shoot.

    Interested Participants Please Pm Me. Email would be

    Tel: 98803806

    Only 6 will get this opportunity. $70 for the fastest fingers.
    Please indicate your interest EARLY!


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    Default Diamond

    Dun forget to ask to see her DIAMOND!

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    Sorry guys, Gotta cancel the shoot. Got some other commitment last minute. Will repost when the next one is again.

    So sorry to those that expressed interest!

    Thanks and let all you guys know soon!


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