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Thread: Where can I check Tamron lens prices?

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    Default Where can I check Tamron lens prices?

    I was aware Sigma has,
    but Tamron doesn't have,
    what happened?

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    What are Tomron's jorgans for Image stabilization (IS) and Supersonic motor (USM)?

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    Call Tithes Marketing .... they are the authorised distributor of Singapore :

    Tithes Marketing
    66 Tannery Lane #04-01 Sindo Building S347805
    Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm (1-2pm closed for lunch)

    Tel : 67430055

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    Tamron do not have IS lenses, neither do they have USM motor equalivent.

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    No wonder! Tamron lens are lower than Sigma right?

    I am confused by the underline statement. I thought DOF is a function of aperture, focal length and shooting distance right? Is there any other parameters to change the DOF of a photo? Can a lens be built to have a shadower DOF?

    The Tamron SP AF200-500mm É/5.6-6.3 Di LD (IF) lens is the kind of optic that excites many of us, especially if weíre shooting digitally. Thatís because a focal length range that typically has been fairly costly to add to a camera bag becomes incredibly affordable with this lens. Itís also a boon when used with a digital SLR, where the magnification factor boosts the apparent focal length to 760mm.

    Weighing only 43.6 ounces, this ruggedly designed lens includes a removable tripod collar, non-rotating front element and filter effect control ring. The latter allows for attached filters to be rotated even when the lens hood is mounted. The lens features Tamronís Di technology, an improved multi-coating specifically designed for digital cameras that reduces ghosting and flare. Its Low-Dispersion (LD) elements help improve color accuracy and contrast. The lens is available in Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Pentax mounts.

    The images produced with the Tamron lens were bright and sharp. I especially liked the greatest benefit of using such a long focal length: the narrow depth of field. Even at É/8, many of my subjects stood out in sharp relief to the blurred background. So while the lens is great for bringing distant objects ďcloser,Ē itís an effective tool for isolating elements in a scene for emphasis.

    Whether photographing wildlife or landscapes, the Tamron AF200-500mm lens combines fun and quality in one solid package. List Price: $1,454.95.

    Contact: Tamron, (631) 858-8400,


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