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Thread: A Moving Singapore

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    I just want to know if the lighting for left and right side are indeed so dramatically different? It seems very unnatural....

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    Hi Gosu John,

    The picture looks fine to me. Just the title needs a bit of work. I would call it "An uncertain Singapore" Don't know if that works for you. I would spin this picture if there was an article about the gloomy Singapore economy. Cheers!

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    eikin: no worries

    globalshooer: thank you for the comments, I shall work on the S curve in future more.

    tucker: I'm not sure about the issue of details lacking but sometimes i remove details to shift the focus elsewhere within the picture frame

    denniskee: thank you for the valuable information, I now understand ND filters much better!

    shojibake: it is interesting for you to include scale in the discussion of this photo, I have for some time felt that scale plays a large factor in the success of a photo. finally someone to identify with!

    nemesis32: I am as puzzled as you are, on my monitor the differences are not so pronounced, but after viewing it on a CRT monitor, the difference in lighting is indeed huge! I am puzzled, really puzzled!

    hazmee: when I first shot this, I did not have any intention of making it a gloomy or negative one. however it seems the photo has given such a feeling to many people, perhaps a mistake on my portion. what I wanted to create was a sense of movement and abstractness and solemness.

    thank you all for your comments! I am touched by the number of replies from my first posting, it encourages me and I will definetly continue to post more here! any more comments on how to improve are more than welcome.

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