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Thread: This was in YP forum.

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    Default This was in YP forum.

    Wow, was really surprised to see this much of debate for transparency in YP, this saga with NKF is really providing an opening requesting for transparency through-out. I for one would like to know how GIC and Temasek have performed year on year not just past 30years summarization.

    If we pay our top notch leadership big peanuts, least we could do is be informed of how well they perform and judge if they deserve to be there. That's the kind of accountability I know... recently there was a report can't remember which paper though that stated HKG managed their returns much better than SIN, me really interested to know how our investments had performed on the last 10 years. If badly, why no information? if good how good when compared with like size investments.

    The above link was an interesting read. Quite civil I think. Wouldn't have visited the site had not for the link in the NFK thread here.


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    thnx, just joined that forum.

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    transparency! transparency!

    like the site said.. even when Mr Ong was denied access to the reserves figures... what do you think we can say?

    I guess the figures inside must be some peanuts.. which type of peanuts? only the monkeys guarding it will know.
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