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Thread: londoneye 04, critique needed

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    Default londoneye 04, critique needed

    i took this photo with a point and shoot whilst i was in a car. i really like this shot with the tree branches and the man and the lamp post framing the london eye. but i'm worried that some might find it too cluttered. what do you think? any other comments would be appreciated too

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    just realised that the idea's somewhat similar to nemesis32's photo......

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    i feel it's too cluttered.

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    unfortunately the execution is not as good as nemesis32's IMHO

    the clashing of the lines of the London Eye in the background, the lamppost and the tree branches simply make this too messy a scene. i'm not too sure what to focus on in the frame as well.

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    IMHO, nemesis32's execution was better. His photo basically had only two layers, the tree branches adding as the frame, and the tower being the subject. The two layers had different degrees of sharpness and detail, making it easier for the reader to separate the two.

    Good try though. Hope you have a chance to get onto the London Eye, I think it is worth the 12 pounds.

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    thanks for the input guys....
    no didnt get on the london eye. cos i was with my younger brother who prolly wont appreciate it. that makes it 24 time 3.3 sgd for a ferriw wheel ride....
    maybe next time when i'm alone.


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