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    Exclamation Developing digital prints qns, please help.

    Hi to one and all,

    I am a newbie and a very new one at that. I want to develop some of shots from my digital camera. I did some touch ups on Photoshop 7. Gonna make a montage as well. Some questions i need answers to:

    1) Do i need to crop the pix to 3:2 for a 4 R print?
    2) What ratio for a 5R print?
    3) What are the min resolutions for 4R and 5R?
    4) What happens if i don't crop them?
    5) If i had cropped my photos to small sizes can the printing shop fit them to 4R size?

    Sorry for the silly questions, and i would be very appreciative if anyone could assist or advice. Any additional info would be great too!

    Thanks a million!
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    Can some regulars please advise? Thanks

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    Hi Jonny. Here are some very quick answers to your questions, since no one else has answered them yet... do a search here on ClubSNAP if you want more info, as I believe this topic has cropped up (pun not intended! ) numerous times in the past:

    Originally posted by Jonny
    1) Do i need to crop the pix to 3:2 for a 4 R print?
    No, but if you want to fill all the space of the 4R print, your photo will need to be cropped to 3:2. However, this can be done either by you yourself, or by the lab doing the printing. See also the answer to Q4 below.

    2) What ratio for a 5R print?
    5R is a 5"x7" print, so the aspect ratio is 5:7.

    3) What are the min resolutions for 4R and 5R?
    There isn't really such a thing as "minimum resolution", because what constitutes acceptable output depends entirely on individual preferences. However, most people feel that 150ppi (pixels per inch) is sufficient for "good" output, and 300ppi is "excellent".

    If you do the math, that means that for 4x6 prints, a "good" pixel count is 900x600 pixels (about 0.5 megapixel) and an "excellent" one is 1800x1200 (about 2 megapixel). Similarly, for 5x7 prints, "good" is 1050x750 (about 0.75 megapixel) and "excellent" is 2100x1500 (about 3 megapixel). (Someone correct me if my calculations are wrong)

    4) What happens if i don't crop them?
    Most labs will give you two options: you can either get them to crop your photos for you, or they can print the entire photo but with additional whitespace at the unused edges. Personally, if you don't intend to do the latter, I would recommend that you do the cropping yourself (if you have time) in order to assert your own creative control over the appearance of the final print.

    5) If i had cropped my photos to small sizes can the printing shop fit them to 4R size?
    As mentioned for Q3 above, you can get good quality output even from relatively small files (0.5 megapixel), so it's all right to crop your photos tighter to improve the composition, if need be. To my knowledge, many of the labs will "recommend" minimum photo dimensions for each print size, but normally you can insist on having your photos printed at whatever size you want, as long as you know what you're doing.

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    Hey Midnight

    Thanks so much for the enlightenment. I understand that this would be an oft asked question, i did look for past threads, but answers are no specific (maybe i should look harder )

    Thank you so much for your help.

    BTW, the sizes after 5x7 are 8x10 (8R) and 11x14 (11R)? Am i correct to say that?

    Would 180 ppi for sufficient for larger sizes? If not what is?

    Also, if i were to save my images at higher ppis, the pic will appear blur right?

    Sorry for the additional questions. Anyone kind enuf to assist as well? I am very new and am trying my best to grasp the basics and also i am doing up a set of wedding pix for my friend and would like to do it right first time.

    Thanks all for your attention. Cheers!


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