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Thread: Pbase Account

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    Default Pbase Account

    Is it reliable and value for money?

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    Default Value

    Hmmm.... US$23/year. Well, that's roughly what it costs to get into Zouk or Attica on a weekend night. What do you get in those places? House pour and the cold shoulder from the local xiaojie.

    You will get lotsa messages how this person likes this site and that person likes that site. I will tell one thing no one else will tell you: PBase is one only hosting site that is properly indexed by Google and Yahoo. You don't have to do a thing... just make sure to anotate your photo!

    Try this: go to google and search 'vanda miss joaquim'. My photo will come up as the 3rd hit. Not bad huh?

    Now try searching 'black scorpion orchid'..... well, I am No. 1 on that one.

    I can bore you with many more examples. But, I won't. Nuff said!


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    Thanks Robert.

    Any other existing pbase users have any comments to add?


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