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    Dear experts,

    I am printing a banner of size 1.5 by 9m.

    I have the following two files

    1) 150 dpi JPEG file saved in RGB at size 1.5 by 9m
    2) TIFF file at size 0.75 by 4.5m
    3) 72 dpi JPEG file saved in CMYK at size 1.5 by 9m

    Which one will produce the best resolution? i.e. clearest print.

    Tks in advance!

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    Default Re: Help : About TIFF and JPEG

    Not exactly familiar with printing, but from my limited knowledge, why are your colour profiles different? End up resolution sharp sharp, colour off.

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    Default Re: Help : About TIFF and JPEG

    you should ask the banner printer what is dpi acceptable and prepare your file accordingly.

    FYI, nobody looking a 9m banner up close, you will be standing at least 9m away to view it, so you even pack more dots into the banner will not make it any sharper.

    and they are printing with CMYK, so send your file in CMYK tiff file.

    since you have not done this before, best is run a test printing with a crop out.
    prepare a full size file, crop those important parts and composite them into a A1 or A2 poster, print on the same material as the banner, view it at the same viewing distance as 9m banner, so you can tell if the final outcome is acceptable or not, without paying whole banner.
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