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Thread: PC/monitor repair man?

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    Default PC/monitor repair man?

    Something's wrong with my PC [most prob the monitor]

    If I start it normally, there'll be a blank screen which I can't get out of

    If I start it in "Safe" mode, I'm able to use it, but the screen flashes/flickers and there are these lines coming down the screen [so it's like looking at the screen with prison bars on it]

    anyone know a pc/ monitor repair man?
    kindly leave his/ her contact no. in this thread?

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    IMHO, this might be caused by corrupted display driver or wrong display driver.

    My suggestion is for u to get another guy's hd, fix it on ur pc and boot to windows using it.(of course ur original hd will be disconnected for the time being)

    When asked for "Display Driver", put in ur display card cd and choose the correct drivers of the correct windows version.

    Then see if the problem still exist or not...
    If it still exist then u can confirm it might be something wrong with the monitor(or easier way is to fix the monitor on another pc to test?).

    My 2 cents tot.

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    thanks cheechee

    will try that


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