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    Hi all,

    A simple portrait of an old indian man... Constructive comments whether good or bad are welcomed and appreciated.

    Saiful Bahar - "I don't care what equipment you use... but what you produce"

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    A nice simple portrait, much much better than many so-called "portraits" I have seen for a long time in this forum.

    Engaging. Hint of mischievousness.

    But did you sharpen this image? I might reduce the contrast a little.

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    hehe... This old man is in many portraits/posed shots...

    In any case, good expression, sharpness.

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    Good capture. I like it.

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    tack sharp with good details, nice cheeky expression. i like this
    only a small nit pick, there is not enough dof
    the back of his neck is oof

    but still a good portrait

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    cracking shot , but if focus had been on his left eye instead of his right, would have been much better. other than that, maybe a little too much deadspace on the left.

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    Hey! I know this model...did you do a potraiture class with Joseph Tan?

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    it's a nice portrait, however i feel there's no meaning to it because:

    1. it is extremely cliched. old man posed, lighting is there, camera on tripod etc, a little kid comes over n press the shutter and he can achieve this image too. i've seen it so many times. a seasoned photographer can take the same pic because its arranged, so can an orang utan.

    2. fake smile. because it's a studio shot, there is no real natural or cultural communication that is often what makes photography fulfilling. the more interesting the smile and expression is, the worse it is in this context because it shows how "hypocritical" it is. probably he is smiling because he is making money.

    wait, technically this is a very good shot, but it ends there -abruptly-

    im sorry if i sounded a little too harsh but i really seen too much of these type of shots of this guy plus those arranged light-streaming-through-the-window shots. doesn't prove anything because anybody can do those with money. its a bit frustrating becos some pple include them in portfolios and yet it really does not reflect much.


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