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    Default Ian Dreamscapes site

    I know I am not suppose to link to other websites or do any advertisement, but I found this site (Dreamscapes Ian Plant Photography) pretty useful and interesting - do a google search and you should be able to get it, I don't want to spoil any written or unwritten rules here.

    Anyway there are some very useful and free photography tips and books to download on that site. I am downloading two books at the moment. Don't worry, they are legal and was given out by the author himself.

    Might be useful for newbies like myself to learn more in photography.

    A quick abstract from the author:

    My mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain others in the art of photography. So I make my books practical, informative, fun to read, and pack them with plenty of delicious eye candy. - Ian Plant
    (PS. I don't work for Ian Plant, I don't even know that guy.)
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    Ian Plant is very well known.

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    Thanks for the info.. many blogs to read and learn....


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