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Thread: Born Into Brothels screening July 23 and 30th

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    Default following-up..

    hey... u pple who watched the film, how did u find it? it's one thing to watch and be moved for a moment, and another to take some sort of action..

    INSIDE OUT is a project partly inspired by the film, and aims to connect with the migrant workers in singapore by teaching them photography. we need pple to donate used film cameras! pls read this thread to find out how you can help/ indicate your interest.

    thank you!!

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    Hmm, that's an interesting comment! I enjoyed the show and was certainly moved, but admittedly I have not thought of taking any action other than monetary donations to the similar groups... Food for thought for me, thanks for the reminder!

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    Hey good going bigbluesky. Glad you were inspired. Do let us know how the project goes.

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