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    A picture I took while in France last year. It's a very big picture so I resized it to 800x600, subject to quality lapses. I've also read the FAQ and it says that I only post one per week, so I'll just post this for starters.

    I took this using a CANON iXUS 500. This is one of the few first attempts I had actually tried to be a proper photographer from just a 'picture-taker'. Any critiques welcomed.
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    Tell us the process of taking this photo, and why u like it so much.

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    a few things, the horizon line is slanted without a good reason and subjects in the frame are cut off unnecessarily. i'm not quite sure what is the main focus. Le Grande Louvre museum, as an architecturally significant object in the landscape, is pushed to the lower right and parts cropped out of the frame unnecessarily. The palace building clashes unnecessarily with the meaningless lamp-post. lines on the foreground did nothing but lead the viewer's eye in and out of the picture without resting at significant points.

    given the kind of lighting that occurs at thiis situation, it's probably not advisable to do a wide angle landscape shot with most of the ladnscape elements in shadow. why not zoom in on the details of the corner of the palace?


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