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PSS Macro-Photography Workshop

Pre-requisite : Basic Photography
Duration : Five sessions of 2 hours each, over Three weeks
Fee : S$180/$280(Mem/Non)
Quota : Minimum 5 students, maximum 15
Instructor : Aaron Leung

Week 1 (Aug 15)
Mon evening, 2hrs

Ethics of photographing subjects in nature
What is macro photography?
Basic equipement (camera, macro lens, tripod, flash, flash bracket, off-camera shoe cord, tripod, ballhead)
Equipment for different types of macro (flowers, insects, extreme macro, creative macro)
Location, ideal photographic time of the day
Understand your subjects' behaviour
Techniques for approaching subjects
Photographic techniques (using single and two flashes, tripod, handholding)

Week 2 (Aug 27,28)
Sat, Sun, 3 practical sessions, 2 hrs each, locations TBA

Creative macro

Week 3 (2 Sep)
Friday evening, 2hrs
Photo critiques. Students either bring their laptop or have their images put into the CF card or CD-ROM.

Interested individuals........do drop us an e-mail to pss1950@singnet.com.sg for more details.