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Thread: China v US spate

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    Default China v US spate

    I think all this is a bit childish. I just wish everyone would spy on each other so that any mad man that might have his
    finger on any dangerous weapon will be discovered before something worse happens. All countries should be encourage to spy
    on each other, so that every one knows that there is no nasty surprises round the corner, especially with so many countries
    now having nuclear weapons.

    As for this spate between China and US, it is all a show. Remember one has her defense industry in private hands and the
    other in Government hands. It is not rocket science for one to say you are spying on my industries and the other to say
    you spying on my people.

    I would be just happy if they were to spy on each other to confirm that no one is having their dirty fingers on the nuclear

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    Default Re: China v US spate

    Spying is as ancient as history of mankind, my bro.
    Even Sun Tze advocate that. He stated that if you know thyself and yr foe well, all battles won.

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    Default Re: China v US spate

    PLease stay away from political discussions, be it local or international. THank you. Thread closed.


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