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Thread: Which compact camera to buy?

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    Default Which compact camera to buy?

    Requirements: Good low-light performance in terms of ISO, sensor and aperture. 3x zoom or more. Can fit into pants pocket. Budget less than $1000.

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    Get the upcoming rx100 mk3?

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    Default Re: Which compact camera to buy?

    Thanks. Didnt know there's rx100mk3 around the corner.

    Btw got any camera fits my requirement and also has a touchscreen?

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    Default Re: Which compact camera to buy?

    RX100mkII (no touch screen though). After the introduction of RX100mkIII, the mkII is going off at a lower price. SRP had already been slashed by S$100 at S$899. Street price gonna be lower.

    RX100mkIII is going off above 1k and is not available yet... And actually... defining number of times zoom is not helpful... in a sense. You need to know what is the focal range you need.

    For RX100mkII the focal range will be 28-100mm, for RX100mkIII it will be 24-70mm... the amount of zoom doesn't differ too drastically, but the focal range differ quite a bit.
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    Default Re: Which compact camera to buy?

    Also have the same opinion as other bros, the new Sony RX100 MkIII!
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