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    Default Cropping question...

    I often read something like 100% cropping..

    What is it anyway? And how do I apply a 100% crop on a image in photoshop?

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    a 100% crop is a crop that hasn't been resized.

    in photoshop, if u select the crop tool, leave the parameters on top EMPTY, crop ur image (drag the "rectangle" and double click inside or press enter), u will get a 100% crop.

    in other words, ur image would look the SAME if u overlapped it over the original image in the correct spot.

    hope this helps.

    usually someone would display a 100% to show the details, sharpness or noise levels of a particular image taken by a particular body or lens, instead of posting the whole photo up which might take a while to download.

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    Yes it really help!

    Thankyou and have a great weekend! Cheers!


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