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    Hi sorry to ask this rather stupid question but i am a newbie here... my mum owns a expired fujifirm iso 200 which expired in 2003 11 , so is it really un usable now ?

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    Hi Hongwen.

    First of all welcome to CS!

    As for your question, if you're planning to use it to capture precious moments, then I suppose forgoing the roll the film (probably worth at most $3 to $4?) is the better alternative?

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    Ya true! hahaha.... thankz.

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    if the film has been left in the drawer all this while, I'd suggest dumping it in the trash. Most probably some colours will run. If you kept them in the fridge, then most likely still can use. I have used films more than 3 yrs past the expiry date with no problems. Of course they were kept in my fridge.


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