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Thread: bad experience

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    One less intimidating way of getting info out of him is simply to ask "What are your requirements?" Simple. Let him fill you in first and then you continue from there. From what I can tell, it seemed more like you were interviewing him instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfhuang
    you're better off not working for such people. why bother anyway?
    Yeah, I agree about not working for such people. The worse thing is that his bad manners and lack of respect for people will rub into you - if you hang around with him in that relationship.

    A set of good manners is your million dollar asset to safeguard. Photo assistant skills are cheap and easy to acquire.

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    If the photographer made the approach, then he should 'give face' if he was asked questions in return. If the photographer fears for his reputation at stake, then maybe he should offer his number and card in the first place, if the person is interested or have enquiries...will get back to him.

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    I think you are taking it too seriously. To me its just a bad chat session due to "different wavelength"?

    Nothing wrong asking questions. Its like looking for a job, to many it may seems that the job seeker is at the mercy of the potential employer, but this is not the right mindset. Both parties have to get to a win-win situation. I personally feel that its even worse when you start a job not knowing what you are getting into and can't even stay through the probation period. That being said, you have to be humble too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allcowsmoo
    hi. just here to share my experience earlier on and probably to vent a little of my frustrations.

    i was in Fotohub along beach road at about 5.45pm and while i was looking thru my friend's negatives, another customer, whom i will assume is a photographer, approached me. his intention is to ask me whether i would like to be his assistant.

    he started the conversation in defensive mode, saying something like, "would you like to be a photographer's assistant ? BUT you cannot play me out at the last minute."

    i was enthusiastic in taking up the offer because this could be an opportunity for me to learn different styles and different working methods. therefore, i asked him the following questions :-

    1. what is the working hours like ? ( i asked this because i am still a full time student, and i do not want to promise him anything yet because im afraid the working hrs will clash with my lecture time. )

    2. what do i need to do ? suppose carry reflectors, lights etc ? ( asked because i want to know what will my main role be, and whether if i can cope )

    3. is it based in a studio or outdoor wedding shoots ?

    i was then given short answers and before i knew it, he just walked away to the other side of fotohub, saying, "wah you ask all these questions, you are not suitable to be an assistant, lah."

    i was shocked at his unprofessionalism and i was speechless. i was embarassed in front of other customers and the staff of fotohub and i was thus put in a spot.

    others might think that i ask alot of questions, but i think all the questions i asked was neccessary because i do not want to promise him that i will assist him and in the end, i cant do what he wants me to. i am a freelance photographer myself and i believe i know my stuff to a certain extent. i may not be the best photographer but i believe that i deserved to be treated with a certain extent of respect even though im just 17.

    what do you guys out there think ?

    and to this maybe-professional photographer with an unprofessional attitude ---->
    Firstly, IMHO, there is nothing wrong with asking about your job scope on the spot, since he was the one who approached you there and then and asked you if you were interested.

    Pure and simple, if he is professional, he will not make such simplistic comments and be a namby-pamby fellow and just cast aspersions on you just because you wanted to clarify.

    Secondly, if he cannot even bother to answer you, then you can assume that he is either wasting your time or he thinks too highly of himself, which by then you can safely assume that working for him might not be too fruitful.

    Last but not least, people who treat others with derision because of age, are just not open-minded enough.And if he is a professional photographer, that sort of attitude does not bode well.If I were him, I would simply ask, and then offer to discuss to my prospective assistant over coffee, and not react so flippantly over some questions that a person of my expertise should be able to answer easily and without offence.

    My two cents.
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    If you skip just to the last part about him walking off, that is VERY unprofessional all by itself. This is purely an attitude problem and you are better off without it. I'm a little disappointed that some believe this attitude is perfectly acceptable.

    Anyway, I imagine that if a photographer really wants to offer you a REAL opportunity, he will give you his namecard and answer your questions later, if he cannot do so now. But since he got upset by your legitimate questions, I think he is expecting a cheap PA. Worst, he may not even pay you what he quoted you later on. There have been a few incidents here about these kind of things.

    As some have said, yours is a one-sided narrative so if this is really what have happened, the above is my comment.

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