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Thread: Anyone have PAYPAL and can help me?

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    Default Anyone have PAYPAL and can help me?

    i need your helps now.
    8th July 2005 8:37pm.

    Can anyone of you can do me a favour by transfer 20 pounds into my paypal account.

    then i'll use DBS accoutn to transfer SGD65 to you immediately?
    because i need another 20 pounds to pay my bill.

    according to AsiaOne currency exchange rate. it shoudl be SGD59. but i willing to pay SGD65. it will be 6 dollar different. i know it's nto a big money. but since you can help someone and gain somethign back. why not?

    can you help?

    ICQ me or MSN me NOW.
    ICQ : 37379933

    ** I'm a frequent paypal user, so, i'm familair with it. i just need money come in. so, dun bother to teach me how to operate sorry, no offensive.

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    Thread close. thankx Jason


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