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Thread: DIY Slide copying - comments/suggestions?

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    Default DIY Slide copying - comments/suggestions?

    hi, i was just thinking, if i wanna dupe some positive slides (output to more slides, not digital), what's the best DIY way to go about it? i've read of slide copying adapters to attach to the front of macro lens, with a flash stretched out in front using a remote cord, but have never seen one in action before.

    anyone has any experience with this, or comments?

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    I have not come across a slide copying adapter that attaches to a macro lens. As far as I know, you would need a zoom slide duplicator which attaches to a 35mm SLR in place of a lens. I have used one before many years ago. If you were to buy one, you must also include a T2 adapter for your brand of SLR.
    Unless you have many, many slides to duplicate, it might be cheaper to just send your slides to any of the photo labs for duplication. They use much more sophiscated equipment for this and would provide duplicates of far better quality than those produced from a zoom slide duplicator.

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    There's an attachment for the Nikkor 60mm micro, I think. ES-something, can't quite remember.

    Or you can use the bellows and slide copy adapter combo, with which lens, I'm not too sure.


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