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    HI, i am planning to go to siem reap this weekend, this is an urgent plan and didnt get enough time to gather more info,
    appreciate if any one can guide me with some hotel names and tour operators.

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    Interesting...You posted a similar thread a year ago.......

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    Interesting... why don't you reply to kishleo's question with some proper answers instead of digging up what he/she posted in the past and then give a no-use reply? (anyway a dig on your past posts showed that u kinda like to post such nonconstructive things, I hav no idea why)

    Quote Originally Posted by shierwin View Post
    Interesting...You posted a similar thread a year ago.......
    Anyway kishleo, there are many cambodia tour operators around which you can easily get on short notice. And the best thing is that they already have many types of packages for different places. You can try emailing this " "

    In general, an low/average budget 4d3n tour to cambodia for about 4 persons should not exceed $300 per person (inclusive of driving around, tour guide and hotels)excluding the airfare, so a weekend tour of say 3d2n should be around $200+ at most. Any quotes from operators higher than this amount = reject them straight.

    Restaurant food there is rather affordable, you can get a good meal easily at less than SGD10.
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    Hi Shierwin,

    thanks for digging up the old thread, i realized i did not update that thread, last year i had to drop the plan at the last minute due to some personal emergency.

    Hi Kcuf2,

    Thanks for the information, i have emailed few tour operators, everyone quote is almost same with same itinerary, for 3d/2n around $200. will choose one of them.

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    Guys, i am closing this thread. had a nice trip in Cambodia.


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