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Thread: Recommendations for Milan, Florenze & Paris

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    Quote Originally Posted by barracuda
    I am just wondering why ppl like this Duomo so much. I know it is one of the best gothic style architecture in the world, but somehow i don't like its COLD feeling. This Duomo is perpetual under restoration/repair. It was like what you describe since April at least, when I was there.
    All the churches in Italy are pretty cool i think. I liked Vactican the best, then maybe the Florence one and the one in Assisi (St Francis brotherhood i think)....

    The churches are not really under repair as they are quite well kept. Problem is pollution. The exterior need to be cleaned frequently due to pollution as all italian roads are pretty narrow and near to the buildings.

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    I heard the restoration of some of the churches take like TWENTY years ... so maybe that is why they are with scafolding so often.

    But the notre dame of paris has finished restoration so it looks quite ok. I also think the vatican is the best church I have seen in Europe.

    The sacre coure of paris is also vey nice as it is on a hill top. but there are a lot of blacks there peddling stuff, rather intimidating so I advice you NOT to go there late... If you are getting to paris by car PLEASE arrive on a weekend. The traffic in PARIS on a weekday is TERRIBLE. no wonder they lost the olympic bid. The whole city is like gridlocked....

    no trouble with pickpockets. Just have some common sense and DON't put your wallet in your back pocket. I put it in my hand carry bag (Camera bag) and cross sling over my shoulder. My tour mate (last month) was pickpocketed in Brussels but he has a CHAIN tied to his wallet so the thief could not get anything. Basically if you don't put your wallet in an OBVIOUS place, nobody will bother you.

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    A good place to put your wallet is your front pocket.
    sacre coure, if u go late, u won't be able to get into the garden. I think the garden closes at ard 630 or 830pm, forgot...

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    thanks for all the replies. finished my day trip to paris liao. it was quite ok in general, but just there are some irritations. since the bombing last week in london, now they have security checks when you enter notre dame, and the queue was like at least 100m long. then in the early afternoon, some sections of the citys train network went off service as there was a strike! and there was filming in the luvre museum, so the queue outside was also like hundred meters long. paris is beautiful in summer, but it is full of tourists from across the world.
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