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    Hi I got a question...if I have an unfilled warranty card when I bought 6 months later I need to send it for repairs....can I put the date of purchase as say 2 months ealrlier from today?

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    date of purchase is usually determined by the receipt of the purchase~

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    Cos I called the servcie centre and say my bros receipt is lost (which is true)...and they say porb just fill in the date of purchase

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    i suppose you can do that then but if its just a couple of months of difference it should not be a problem

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    They can retreive info if you had registered online? They can also determine the warranty date thru the serial no. Btw, service centre only base warranty by way of receipt, don't care how many times the cam changed hands.

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    another point to note ... if you had use the serial number to register for classes, etc. (like canon) .... that is another avenue for them to track, if they do track at all!


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