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    Default Marvin

    Meet my new friend....

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    were the colors intentionally dull to bring out the depression in marvin?
    mebbe use curves to make him brighter (cool robot) or maybe have a dark background and use a torchlight to illuminate only a part of him (suicidal robot)...

    3rd pic is pretty cool if in B&W

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    eh man! where'd you get that Marvin toy from?!
    i've been checking out all the toy shops since before the movie even came to local shores and couldn't even find a single one yet. omgomg do tell please.

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    yes...i wan also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Heh heh heh .... Bought it online from
    Paid way too much. Shipping cost 10 quid so I suggest to save on it, you purchase a few other items.

    Quality is really good apart from it being dusty. Gave it a good wipe.

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