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Thread: Need a good box for my 350D. How?

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    Default Need a good box for my 350D. How?

    I read that it would b best to keep the cameras in an air-tight, dust-free box.. etc

    Anyway cheap recommendations?

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    Better to get a electrical dry cabi.
    Think 30 Litre one still selling at $99 if you got no much of lens to store.

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    Agrees with Donchua here...
    If u can spend good $$ on a Canon350D, it is worth every cents to protect your expensive investment. It will save you cost for repair and hassles in the long run. If you really is on a tight budget, temporary get yourself an air-tight plastic container and place some silicon gel inside. When u have save enuff $$ then get yourself a dry cabinet.
    Check out this thread for more information:

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    Thanks alot! I prefer spending more money protecing my equipment than spending more on maintenance etc


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