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    Default Qn: Polarizer vs UV filter...

    hi all...

    i guess i know what each does. but qn is:

    can i use both at the same time?

    my setup is a G2 with 52mm lens adaptor UV filter.

    will i still be able to add a polarizer? how?

    lastly, how much (and where) for a circular polarizer?

    thanks in advance for all help and comments!!

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    1: polarizer is use to deeper the blue sky, adjust the color to become more saturated and with better contrast. It also helps to remove reflection from metallic object or mirror.

    2: UV filter is just a protective filter to prvent your camera lens from being scratch or hit. It prevent hazyness from absorbing the ultraviolet rays.

    3: It is not advisable to stack filter. Not only you will loss the STOP, it will degrade the quality of your lens(image to be exact).

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    Default .....don't forget about vignetting...


    Stacking filters (especially those that aren't low profile (thin) types) may rsult in bad vignetting at wide angle shots.

    So try out first before stacking. can decide for your self what level of vignetting is tolerable.

    For days where you know the sun is really perfect, and sunny, changing to a polarizer cut reflections from glass,water etc....

    Check out the low profile filters......if you really have to stack them...


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    i see i see...

    but impt qn not address... $$$


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