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Thread: Who is this?

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    Default Who is this?

    Just a candid shot. Is she someone from here?

    Last edited by Kenji; 4th July 2005 at 12:01 AM.
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    Lets see, I have no idea who this is. And i have received PMs abt this particular thread and as much as find it hard to put down in words why this post seems so wrong (beyond the obvious).

    No offense intended and i really really have no wish to discuss this issue much further. Those who know me well enough should understand why this thread is closed. Before it becomes anal retentive and we have trolls start appearing, i am closing it simply on it's own (de)merit.

    Kenji, should you have valid grounds on why you are seeking this particular person, please let me know via PM and will sort it out on your behalf.

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