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Thread: Tamron warranty is it 3yrs or 1yr

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    Default Tamron warranty is it 3yrs or 1yr

    Hi everyone, i bought my tamron 28-75 more than 1 yr ago..

    for some reason i have the idea that tamron offred 3 yrs warranty...

    Is it 3 or 1 huh guys?

    Thanks bros....

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    Tamron's distributor in Singapore is Tithes Marketing. Can check with them.
    66 Tannery Lane Sindo Bldg, #04-01, Singapore 347805.

    Tel: 6743-0055
    Fax: 6747-4022

    If you do manage to find out the warranty issue, do post it here...I'm interested as well...

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    1st year international warranty. 2nd and 3rd year local warranty.

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    I think it must be bought locally and if you bought it before the promotion, it may/not be qualified for 2yrs additional local wty. You must check with Tithes.


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