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Thread: ** spoiler alert ** Fantastic 4

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    Default ** spoiler alert ** Fantastic 4

    A few of us had free premiere tickets and went down to GV Marina on the 29th for the fantastic 4.

    The good things first: the special effects were decent, acting was ok, the human torch was very well done, and... ermmm.... can't think of anything else.

    Unfortunately the movie suffers from a very thin plot / story, and an anti-climactic ending. I guess they spent too much time and effort on the effects and forgot about the story.

    On a scale of 0-10 if Spiderman rates 9, I'd rate this movie at 3 or 4. I wouldn't spend any money and time on this.

    [caveat: this is only my opinion, you may enjoy the movie.]

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    I read the movie picture book in the bookshop and was suprised by how thin the story line was.

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    then lucky me... i got free tics for monday...
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    thx for the heads up guess I'll wait for friends to buy the DVD to borrow from then. :P


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