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Thread: What to lookout for when buying second hand gears?

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    Default What to lookout for when buying second hand gears?

    Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of getting a second hand m4/3 system and lens but will like to know what are the things to keep alook out during the viewing process. I have always been getting direct from shops but this time round, I am thinking of trying out a new system other than dslr.

    In my mind, when to check camera body, I will look for the following:

    1) warranty status
    2) lens mount
    3) sensor
    4) take a picture and transfer to ipad or lappie for review
    5) cable connection
    6) LCD, live view for video
    7) Check for dead pixel
    8) hotshot (how when I don't have a m4/3 flash
    9) ensure that I get the entire kit package

    Lens check:
    1) front and rear lens element. Scratches, marks or swirls
    2) fungus is a deal breaker for sure
    3) lens mount for brassing and mount fit right on camera
    4) Af and focus to infinity
    5) take picture to check if af work by reviewing on laptop or ipad
    6) manual focus works
    7) check the screws

    Will appreciate someone will adviseif I am missing out on anything important? Usually those are what I will check when buying new off the shop.

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    Default Re: What to lookout for when buying second hand gears?

    As I'm a Nikon DSLR user that also has a small M4/3 system, use it as a toy camera, can thus relate to your situation. Usually when buying second hand systems I would check the following:
    1) Check for scratches or marks on sensor
    2) Check for any signs of damage on the camera and lens exterior
    3) Check if built-in-flash is working
    4) Check the lens for any scratches on glass exterior
    5) Point the lens up to the sky and look for dust or fungus that will appear as black dots
    6) Take a photo and video (try using both AF and MF)
    7) Check for any scratches on screen
    8) Check for any faults with the Electronic ViewFinder
    9) Try using all M,A,S,P modes to test if aperture and shutter speed wheel works

    That's what I usually do when purchasing a new camera body and lens. You may examine more closely on the things that you're more particular on, it's a personal preference.

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    Default Re: What to lookout for when buying second hand gears?

    Hey dude, these are the things I check when getting a pre-owned equipment from fellow CS members:

    1)Check exterior for dents/scratches that may suggest it had been knocked before. User marks are normal especially at the hand grip area.
    2)I also look at the overall condition, whether is it dusty. I probably would not accept if the camera is dusty, that's show how that owner take care of it. Of course, a clean camera does not mean that owner took care of it.
    3) I'm a nikon user, which the camera has the mirror up function for me to check the sensor. i put adjust a few times against the light to see if there are any scratches/dust/fungus.
    4) I will also use a few lens to test on that camera to see if the mounting on process is smooth or whether is it loose.
    5) Will take plenty of pictures, against some bright coloured wall to check for any black dots/fungus that was not obvious during the sensor check.
    6) Will also check the hot-shoe to make sure that it works with external flash.
    7) Exterior I will check for the screws to see if it rusty.

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    Default Re: What to lookout for when buying second hand gears?

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