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    Exclamation The Wonders of Modern Technology

    The wonders of modern technology...

    3 weeks ago, I finally trade-in my problematic Nokia 6610 for a Nokia 7270. Finally no more fustrations with my handphone keypad!

    Whoever invented the idea of installing a camera function in mobile phones is a genius. I feel like I'm carrying a lomo wherever I go.

    Now the problem starts. Does any tech-savvy kind souls here know of a way to tranfer the photos & clips I took with my 7270 to my computer? Preferably a cheaper method...?

    2nd question is, can I take infrared photos using my D70s? If yes, any kind souls here at CS know of any websites or reference books relating to digital infrared photos?

    3rd question for Nokia users out there - I heard from a friend that all Nokia phones with the '6' series (their models is Nokia 6***) are of bad quality compared with other series. Is that true?

    Keep the comments coming!

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    You can transfer the pics from the phone to the computer via a data cable or BlueTooth. I don't a PC with Bluetooth, but for my PowerMac, I can simply send the pics to it via BlueTooth from the phone. I am not familiar with the 7270, but if it uses some form of removable media like RSMMC, you should also be able to put that into a card reader which supports it to retrieve the files.

    Not sure of the IR capability of the D70S, but a D100 works well for IR. You might want to give it a try. You might find this web site useful.



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